About JAGODA JPS- Farm Machinery Manufacturer

JAGODA JPS is a farm machinery manufacturer founded in 1997 by engineers who were previously working together in the Experimental Horticulture Mechanization in Skierniewice, The Capital of Fruit Science of Poland. Initially, the company dealt with the sale of spare parts and service of farm machinery. Over time, the production of own machines have started and over the years the company assortment has been constantly developing and gained ever wider range. In 2006, the headquarters was moved to the village Pamiętna close to Skierniewice.

Currently, JAGODA JPS is the leading manufacturer of farm machinery in Poland and is recognized worldwide. In particular, we specialize in the production of berry fruits harvesters, such as currants, gooseberries, aronia, haskap, saskatoon, raspberry, cherry, plum, etc. We are also developing another assortment, including the equipment for micro tractors and machines for the care of orchards and plantations.

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Company designers constantly develop and perfect the products. Many design solutions that have been developed in the company are patented and manufactured, the machines are protected by law as utility models.

In addition, JAGODA JPS is the largest sales representative for companies producing fruit picking pneumatic tools (Paterlini, Campagnola).