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We recommend machines produced by the JAGODA JPS companyThe determinant of excellent quality is well-designed structure and the reliability of its operation. That is why on so many plantations established with our plants, we used combine farm equipment and machines from JAGODA JPS for many yearsWithout hesitation, we reaffirm professional service and advice, as well as great rapport with the customer.’

Paweł Eggert, Aronia Eggert –
Aronia Swiss
In our berry production, we use different machines from JAGODA JPS from ARONIC aronia or chokeberry harvester, FORMER berry bush trimmer and other. We greatly value the reliability and service of JAGODA JPS Agromachines As a foreign company, that’s very important to us. Thomas Heggli, Aronia Swiss GmbH 

Cooperation with the company JAGODA JPS is very dynamic and the level of customer service is at a very high level. The company faces the needs of users constantly modernizing their equipment and developing the dealership network.’

Radosław Sorokosz, Rolmix

‘My firm cooperates with JAGODA JPS since many years and have found them to be a very efficient and professional firm producing special agricultural machines particularly for the fruit sector and combine farm equipment. We highly appreciate their quality and support. We look forward to continuing our work with JAGODA JPS in the future.’

Michael Gornitz, Obstbau Michael Gronitz

‘We represent JAGODA JPS company in Lithuania for a few years and we are satisfied with the product quality and company staff. Once we had a misunderstanding with the order from our side and JAGODA company staff kindly reach an agreement and solved a problem favourable for both sides. Although production is not the cheapest in Warsaw region, value for money is the best that you are able to find. If company UAB Margučiai has any questions regarding technical issues, we call for a help to JAGODA and in few minutes company staff provide to us information which is needed. Since we started our cooperation, no one of  Lithuanian farmers complained about the products breakage. We are lucky that we are able to cooperate with JAGODA JPS company.’

Saulius Smetonis, Manager, UAB Margučiai

With the companyJAGODA JPS have been collaborating since the beginning of its operationsfor the use of machines and the trials and tests on plantations. This is a group of professionalswho worked in the Department of Experimental Mechanization of Horticulture at the Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, that are most familiar with this domain because there are only a few specialists in this field left who specialize in the particular design of the KPS-3, KPS-or AREK harvesters and combine farm equipment.’

Bronisław Matyszewski, Matyszewski Konstruktor

‘KROGZEME Ltd. is a blackcurrant nursery and grower in Latvia. The JAGODA JPS manufactured machines have proved efficient and durable for several years we use them. As a foreign company, we appreciate the stuff professional attitude, ability to communicate in English and to fulfilment our special requirements for documentation. We will continue this cooperation.’

Andris Krogzems, Development manager, KROGZEME Ltd.