Raspberry harvester JAREK 5R

The Raspberry Harvester is the latest version of the half-raw berry bush harvesting machine JAREK 5R. It has been adapted to collect autumn-fruiting raspberries without support elements. Major structural changes that enhance the collection of raspberries are:

  • Special shaking head and plastic shaking elements on the shaking column
  • Pre-separator that removes minor impurities
  • Additional separating conveyor that facilitates removal of damaged fruits

The raspberry harvester is fitted with one shaker. A Tractor with low operating speed should be used for the power drive.

JAREK raspberry harvester is characterized by high-quality construction and simple modular design. This allows assembling the machine according to customer needs and ability to change the configuration at a later date. The drive of workgroups is fully hydraulic. Tractor’s PTO drives harvester hydraulic pump through a gear.

JAREK harvester design enables the installation of one or two shakers. The accuracy of fruit harvesting depends on the size of shrubs and maintenance of the plantation.  

If you are interested in a self-propelled, large harvesting machine, please see our star product OSKAR berry harvester. 


Possible riding axle configurations

Possible ways of collecting harvested fruits

Configurations, methods of collecting fruits, additional equipment


Technical specifications

Attaching methodHook to the tractor joist. Category 2
DriveExternal hydraulics of the tractor – control of harvester’s operating assembly. Drive of workgroups – hydraulic pump through the transmission.
Tractor power demandMin. 22 kW / 30 hp
Working speed0.3-1.0 km/h
Output0.05-0.1 ha/h
Width2 400 mm
Length6 100 mm
Height2 500 mm (without roof  2 000 mm)
Weight1 850 kgs
Required staffTractor operator + 1