Cultivating mower BALBINKA is designed to mow grass on lawns, sport fields, golf courses, parks and gardens. It is characterized by its simple and robust construction and reliable use.

  • Mower is hanged on three-point linkage system (category 1) and is driven by articulated telescopic shaft of the tractor’s PTO.
  • The three blades are driven by angular gear and two belts. Mower is based on four support wheels.
  • Cutting height adjustment is done by changing the number and thickness of the pads which are based on the wheels.

Technical specifications

Mounting methodThree-point linkage from the back. Category 1
Length1 135 mm
Width1 470 mm
Height830 mm
Mowing height regulationManual by changing pad
Cutting width1 400 m
Cutting height20 – 100 mm
Number of replaceable blades3
Working unit3 rotors with replaceable blades
Slope mowing area12º
PTO400 N/m
Working speed4 – 12 km/h
Cooperating tractorMin 11.03 kW / 15 KM
DriveFrom the tractor PTO by the articulated telescopic shaft and angular gear
PTO rotation540 turns / min (left/right)
Weight130 kgs